AVA – the heart of Adur’s community

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Small can be beautiful

Adur Voluntary Action (AVA) is an independent movement of voluntary, community and charitable groups and a registered charity founded in 1959. Our members work co-operatively to support one another in mutual aid, self-help, and the building of warm, trusting networks of activity.

We co-ordinate this through regular meetings of our Board of Trustees, through Adur Community Network and our two centres in Shoreham and Lancing; through our support for volunteering and community action; and by offering the transport resources of Adur Community Transport.

Whilst our mutual support is available to all members, membership also implies a commitment to contribute skills and resources to our movement.

Introducing AVA’s volunteers, trustees and staff


AVA Trustees:

Charmaine Skinner, John Hollington, John Kelly, Val Garland

AVA volunteers:

Margaret Riddell, Jackie Cleaves, Lynne Emery, Sheila Hollington, John Hollington, Andy Brook, Robin Ready, Keith Mitchell

Adur Online Learners Co-ordinator:                                  Andy Brook

Adur Community Transport Co-ordinator:                     Sarah Leeding

ACT volunteer drivers:                                                           Robin Ready, Keith Mitchell

Adur Community Network Chair:                                       Andy Brook

Adur Access Group Chair:                                                      Martin Osment

Adur Churches Forum Chair:                                                Robin Olivier


AVA warmly welcomes enquires about how our volunteers, trustees and staff could work with you or your organisation, and strengthen local community networks.  To find out more or to apply  to join us, please email info@adurva.org

Reg charity no 1131610  PLC no 06922401