Adur Community Coalition

Adur Community Coalition is one of AVA’s ways of working together. Membership is free, and any organisation or individual may apply to join the Coalition, which is registered as a co-operative with limited liability status. Adur Community Coalition is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (no 4196).

The Coalition’s purpose is to promote self-help and mutual aid across Adur, working together to support its members in their varied activities. It aims to do this by pooling skills and resources, developing shared services (such as volunteering support, payrolls, copying and printing, premises, meeting rooms, desk space, telephone and internet services, fund raising, book keeping and audit, promotion and publicity, publication of leaflets, reports and websites, and campaigning. The  evolution of the Coalition is determined by its members, in relation to the priorities and needs of its members, and the contributions they are able to make.

Please email  if you or your organisation are interested in the Coalition. Do note that membership is based on the understanding that  members both contribute to the agreed common good of all members, and receive members’ support in return. Contributions and support might be financial, but are more likely to be resources of other kinds, networks, contacts, skills and ideas.