AVA supports local people building community

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AVA believes that . . .

To fail to campaign on behalf of secure and adequate state services, for those whom we know locally to require these, is to betray our charitable purposes for fear of being labelled political. To pretend to magic up  alternatives of equal quality to erstwhile public provision is even worse. Where are current trends leading us? Consider –

Sustainability? Accountability? Equity? Entitlement at law? Rights of appeal? Quality accreditation and professional standards? Public accountability? Dependability?

Contact AVA if you agree that the voluntary sector has a duty to address this looming issue

“Thank you”  for your support for AVA and our actively growing community

  • Men in Sheds Lancing & Sompting for constructing a display unit in Lancing Village Action
  • Lancing Parish Council for support in finding parking for Adur Community Transport minibuses
  • Lancing Parish Council for supporting Lancing Village Action
  • Esteem volunteers  for helping ensure our reception desks are staffed as fully as possible
  • Shoreham Co-operative Shop for offering help with minibus parking
  • Southern Housing Group for helping to build community use of the our premises