AVA supports local people building community

“Thank you”  for your support for AVA and our actively growing community

  • Men in Sheds Lancing & Sompting for constructing a display unit in Lancing Village Action
  • Lancing Parish Council for support in finding parking for Adur Community Transport minibuses
  • Lancing Parish Council for supporting Lancing Village Action
  • Esteem volunteers  for helping ensure our reception desks are staffed as fully as possible
  • Shoreham Co-operative Shop for offering help with minibus parking
  • Southern Housing Group for helping to build community use of the our premises





Ready for change?

A Charter for Independent Voluntary and Community Action

and Social Justice


Brighton and Hove &  Adur


Time for a charter for

For independent voluntary action, advocacy and citizen voice

For voluntary & civic action with a confident voice for social justice

For voluntary organisations campaigning and supporting activists

For maintaining the conditions of service and rights of staff and volunteers

in voluntary and community organisations, mutual and social enterprises

 For action in support of non-discrimination and international human rights

• For supporting public services.

Time for a charter against

Against austerity policies and practices

Against the marketisation & privatisation of public services

Against the conversion of voluntary & community organisations, mutual

and social enterprises into business enterprises

Against subservience of voluntary action to state or private sector interests


This charter is aimed at

All those involved in voluntary, community, mutual and social enterprise organisations in

Brighton and Hove and Adur as:

~ board members or directors ~ staff or volunteers

~ users of services ~ members ~ activists

~ trade unionists ~ citizens ~ funders.

 This charter is for people and organisations that want to:

• Create debate, influence strategy, and stimulate action by voluntary, community

and mutual organisations, social enterprises and citizens in Brighton and Hove and Adur,  to

work against austerity policies and the causes of austerity

• Increase action and campaigning for equality, fairness and social justice between

people inside and outside the traditional voluntary & community sector

• Draw attention to, and to oppose the ways voluntary, community, mutual and

social enterprises organisations are:

• .. being drawn into dismantling the welfare state and destroying public services

(such as the NHS and local authority services) by their active engagement

in contracts which play a direct role in marketisation and privatisation

• .. playing active roles in cutting or substituting for public services

• .. becoming like private sector organisations more intent on profit,

efficiency, competition that offer low wages, exploit volunteers, and

engage in forced workfare volunteer placements (Keep Volunteering

Voluntary campaign)

• .. offering deference to those in power and ignoring those in destitution

and poverty

• .. refusing to confront the loss of democratic public accountability of

public services caused by contracting-out services.

• Work with volunteers, staff, board members, directors, members and citizens to

think about ways in which they can contribute to wider civic activism, campaigning and resistance:

• .. against austerity

• .. for equity, fairness, non-discrimination, human rights and social


• Build alliances within your voluntary, community, mutual or social

enterprise organisation and in alliance with other groups aiming to:

• .. oppose austerity measures

• .. resist marketisation and privatisation

• .. build equity, fairness, non-discrimination, human rights and social

justice as priorities into their activities

• .. advocate with or alongside those without voice to support them

speaking out about social injustice

• .. link and collaborate with those who support the principles of this

charter: voluntary, community and mutual organisations, social

enterprises and citizens

• .. decline to compete with other voluntary, community and mutual

organisations, social enterprises for contracts for former or existing public


• .. collaborate and build solidarity and common cause with: trade unions,

faith-based organisations, informal community networks, activists,

campaign groups, individual citizens and those who support the principles

of this charter.

• Support seven critical pillars of radical voluntary action:

~ Equality ~ Social Justice ~ Liberty ~ Enfranchisement

~ Freedom from Want ~ Environmental Sustainability ~

~ Conviviality & Public Social Space.

 Actions organisations can take to support this charter

Externally take action to

• Work side by side with users of services and communities, where necessary,

supporting them to have a voice in the public sphere

• Work with small grass roots & campaigning groups to learn from, and be

challenged about, what is happening locally and an analysis of action

• Use your knowledge, experience and data to inform, challenge, contradict,

demand or create new narratives about the causes and effects of austerity

• Reject and refuse competition with fellow / predatory organisations from

whatever sector and especially within the voluntary & community sector

• Be confident to confront and oppose: the public sector (local authorities and

health services) and private corporations (Virgin, Serco, G4S etc) in privatisation.

Internally take action to:

• Engage your governing body in regular education and training about austerity and

its causes and devise actions to promote the voice of disadvantaged people

• Challenge split between operations and strategy – put people together: workers,

volunteers, community and board on these tasks

• Make the chief officer accountable to the community on a regular basis

• Introduce trade union representation to your board or governing body

• Build, and work with, regular citizen assemblies to listen to voices suffering from

the effects of austerity and working for equalities

• Oppose forced work projects (workfare) that entail forced voluntary work (Keep

Volunteering Voluntary campaign)

• Build alliances with trades unions in the public, private and voluntary sector

• Learn from, and find ways to collaborate with, activist groups and campaigners

that are opposing austerity, and seeking to understand the causes of poverty

• Lobby and hold to account national, and city-wide voluntary infrastructure

organisations that support austerity policies.

• Refuse to sign any ‘gagging clauses’ in your work and oppose the Lobbying Act.

The Charter for Independent Voluntary and Community Action and Social Justice

is supported by the Board of Adur Voluntary Action

Show Your Support for St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands Hospital Friends Shops

A test case for survival of local voluntary action in Adur?

Please sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/jtlekaq but ALSO please express your support for the Friends charities directly to the trust by writing to:  Mike Viggers, Chairman, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust at St Richards Hospital, Spitalfield Lane, Chichester, PO19 6SE.

Everyone in Adur should support this eye-opening petition. Do we want an active, locally run and accountable voluntary sector, or not? This is a test case offering perhaps a last chance to challenge public sector policies which fail to recognise the value of our local charitable activity, in favour of marketising and privatising our roles. Now is the time to resist! Navigate NOW to  http://tinyurl.com/jtlekaq and sign the petition.




Going Local?  Oh yea . . . .

This in an on-going list of  community, social and health services which since 2012  have been  procured by  local public sector bodies and the NHS  from commercial or not-for-profit providers from outside Adur or West Sussex. If you hear of any tenders not included here, please let us know

Community development work in Fishersgate ( Mobilise UK)

Healthwatch West Sussex (Registered as a CIC by Help and Care, Bournemouth)

Disability Access website ( Disabled Go)

Consultation with local voluntary sector in Adur and Worthing on their support needs (Toynbee Hall)

Voluntary sector and volunteering support and development service (Brighton and Hove Community Works)

Cafes and shops in local hospitals ( result pending – commercial tender issued perhaps to replace relationship with hospital leagues of friends)