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“Thank you”  for your support for AVA and our actively growing community

  • Men in Sheds Lancing & Sompting for constructing a display unit in Lancing Village Action
  • Lancing Parish Council for support in finding parking for Adur Community Transport minibuses
  • Lancing Parish Council for supporting Lancing Village Action
  • Esteem volunteers  for helping ensure our reception desks are staffed as fully as possible
  • Shoreham Co-operative Shop for offering help with minibus parking
  • Southern Housing Group for helping to build community use of the our premises





Show Your Support for St Richard’s, Worthing and Southlands Hospital Friends Shop

This is an important test case for survival of local voluntary action in Adur

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have offered the retail and catering facilities in the main entrances and receptions out to tender. This will allow commercial enterprises to bid to provide these services, other local hospitals have companies such as Costa Coffee and WH Smith who have won these tenders.

We believe the hospital shops at St Richards, Worthing and Southlands are vitally important to the wellbeing of the hospital. Not only does the shop generate considerable profit for the Friends charity which fund various equipment and resources in the hospital, the shop is also a lifeline for many of our patients. The Friends provide the refreshments and newspaper trolley service to the wards which for many of our inpatient’s is the only window to the wider world they may have. That interaction with the shop trolley and being able to read a newspaper daily is actually assisting in their care.

The shop is also used by many of our therapy teams with patients who need to begin to improve their function in normal everyday activities. For example following a stroke, patients may need to practice the normal routine of using cash or through speech and language therapy gain confidence in ordering their drinks in a public place again. The shop is run by volunteers and its intimate feel has always made it the perfect environment to assist in therapy interventions.

We believe that in an NHS Trust which was graded as outstanding and commended by the CQC on its friendly atmosphere and passionate staff that the presence of The Friends and their shop is at the forefront of these attributes. If the shop and its services were to be replaced by Corporate brands we will lose part of our hospital heartbeat and what makes us special.

Please sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/jtlekaq

but ALSO please express your support for the Friends charities directly to the trust by writing to:  Mike Viggers, Chairman, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust at St Richards Hospital, Spitalfield Lane, Chichester, PO19 6SE.

AVA says:

Everyone in Adur should support this eye-opening petition. Do we want an active, locally run and accountable voluntary sector, or not? This is a test case offering perhaps a last chance to challenge public sector policies which fail to recognise the value of our local charitable activity, in favour of marketising and privatising our roles. Now is the time to resist! Navigate NOW to  http://tinyurl.com/jtlekaq and sign the petition.



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